Signal Code of Conduct

Legal Requirements

As a reputable company Signal has been maintaining all legal and statutory requirements of the countries in which it operates.



Signal is maintaining minimum wages, hours of work, overtime and other related requirements as per prevailing laws of the country.

Wages, Pay Slips, Attendance

Signal is maintaining workers attendance, wages, pay slips, leave records, etc. electronically through computer software and finger print recognition technology.

Child Labor

Child labor is strictly prohibited in the factory; no worker below the age of 18 is allowed for any employment.  Birth Certificate, Doctor's Age determination documents, if age is in doubt, are verified before offering any employment to any worker.

Forced Labor

Forced labor is strictly prohibited in the factory and there are no prisoners, bonded labor or any kind of forced labor.


It is Signal's policy to ensure affirmative action in providing equal opportunities without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, age or national origin except where age or sex is a bona fide occupational qualification.  Further, it is prohibited to conduct any kind of maternity test before selection of any female worker for employment.

Security Concerns

The company is very much concerned about all security concerns, including but not limited to, Access Controls, Physical Security, Procedural Security, Personnel Security and Education & Awareness Training.  Further, all measures are in place to prevent any kind of unauthorized or unidentified access to the factory premises.

Right of Association

Workers are allowed to form Lawful Associations.

Harassment and Abuse

It is the company's strict policy to make sure no harassment or abuse inside the factory premises. Whoever gets involved with or encourages such activities will be dealt with immediately based on company policy for disciplinary actions.  Furthermore, management of the company has a very positive attitude towards worker's grievances and takes all grievances very seriously.

Incentives and Promotions

It is company policy to provide maximum opportunity for all its existing employees for their career growth. We promote from within whenever possible and believe that the relative satisfaction of workers results in a better situation for all involved. 

Health, Safety & Welfare

All measures are adopted in the factory to provide maximum health and safety arrangements to all our employees.  Appropriate lighting facilities, pure drinking water, proper ventilation, adequate exit doors, free access to all fire fighting equipment, adequate and unblocked walkways throughout the factory, one toilet for each 25 employees, and all kinds of safety equipment for workers wherever applicable are provided.  In addition, a dining hall is maintained by the factory and all staff are given lunch and dinner. 

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